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10 Things Your Rape Crisis Counsellor Wants You To Know

16th Sep 2021/by Sino

RSJC Third National Roundtable

2nd Sep 2021/by zeenat


5th Jul 2021/by Sino

Storytelling: How the #SurvivorSeries was Born

30th Apr 2021/by Sino

Sexual Offences Court Monitoring Results: Khayelitsha Court

2nd Nov 2020/by zeenat

Know Your Rights – Your Rights As A Survivor

9th Oct 2020/by Sino

The Truth About The Victim Support Services Bill

9th Sep 2020/by Sino

Turning Collective Outrage into Collective Action: Fundraising During a Pandemic

31st Aug 2020/by Sino


28th Jul 2020/by zeenat

Being a black woman can be quite a phenomenon

24th Jun 2020/by zeenat

Self-Care during COVID-19

17th Jun 2020/by zeenat

‘At the beginning, it wasn’t called feminism. It was called an attitude problem.’

26th May 2020/by zeenat

Dreams are not all dreamy

14th May 2020/by zeenat

Access to justice in times of uncertainty

9th Apr 2020/by zeenat

Dealing with recovering from trauma during COVID-19 lockdown

2nd Apr 2020/by zeenat

What is a Thuthuzela Care Centre?

2nd Apr 2020/by zeenat

A summary of the Sexual Offences Regulations

18th Mar 2020/by zeenat

Sexual Offences Courts Regulations

4th Mar 2020/by zeenat

PRESS RELEASE: New sexual offences court due to be opened in Bredasdorp on 7 February.

6th Feb 2020/by zeenat

PRESS RELEASE: Sexual offences courts officially signed into regulation

6th Feb 2020/by zeenat

Building a Culture of Consent

26th Sep 2019/by zeenat

PRESS RELEASE: Regulations relating to Sexual Offences Courts to be Gazetted soon

20th Sep 2019/by zeenat

Claiming the Right to Health after Rape

11th Sep 2019/by zeenat

PRESS STATEMENT: President fails to announce funding for GBV response

6th Sep 2019/by zeenat

In These Moments

4th Sep 2019/by zeenat

Part 4: The Future of Sexual Offences Courts in South Africa

22nd Aug 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Who Is In Charge of My Health?

29th Jul 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Part 3: Sexual Offences Courts Rollout Stops and Restarts

8th Jul 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Part 2: The Roll Out of the First Sexual Offences Courts

8th Jul 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Part 1: The History of Sexual Offences Courts in South Africa

8th Jul 2019/by rapecrisisblog

The Best Internship Ever: Reflections on My Time with Rape Crisis

4th Jul 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Join the Journey

25th Jun 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Factors that influence rape case attrition

19th Jun 2019/by rapecrisisblog

From reporting to trial – how rape cases fall through the cracks.

19th Jun 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Tools for Writers

30th May 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Phases of Recovery

28th May 2019/by zeenat

Principles of Empowerment

28th May 2019/by zeenat

Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS)

23rd May 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Court Room Architecture as Change

25th Apr 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Sorry, we have no space for rape apologists.

11th Apr 2019/by rapecrisisblog

The silent rape of sex workers

2nd Apr 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Rape Crisis Weekend Away

25th Mar 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Why #CSW63 Matters

19th Mar 2019/by rapecrisisblog

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

18th Mar 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Feminist Leadership

7th Mar 2019/by rapecrisisblog

The Roles of Feminism

3rd Mar 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Get Involved Now.

25th Feb 2019/by zaheed

A new Rape Crisis campaign hits close to home.

21st Feb 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Just Another Feminist [Valentines] Day

13th Feb 2019/by zeenat


8th Feb 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Ramaphosa’s SONA and the issue of gender-based violence

7th Feb 2019/by rapecrisisblog

I Believe Her: On the Power of Rape Survivors’ Voices

17th Jan 2019/by rapecrisisblog

How to Write About Rape

14th Jan 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Engaging Men on Rape

8th Jan 2019/by rapecrisisblog

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

24th Dec 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Helpline & Emergency Numbers

20th Dec 2018/by rapecrisisblog

A Toolkit to Support Rape Survivors

11th Dec 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Joining Communities Fighting Violence Against Women

26th Nov 2018/by rapecrisisblog

What is Rape?

20th Nov 2018/by rapecrisisblog

How to talk about rape

13th Nov 2018/by rapecrisisblog

The Rape Survivors Justice Campaign

2nd Nov 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Making strides in fighting for sexual offences courts

10th Oct 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Progress at the Khayelitsha court

1st Oct 2018/by rapecrisisblog

What does Women’s Day mean for us?

9th Aug 2018/by rapecrisisblog

The real numbers on sexual offences

7th Aug 2018/by rapecrisisblog

What makes up a sexual offences court

10th Jul 2018/by rapecrisisblog

How to donate intelligently

9th Jul 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Why people make a difference to the experience of survivors

28th Jun 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Comparing numbers on sexual offences statistics

12th Jun 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Rape from the courts perspective

29th May 2018/by rapecrisisblog

The Gender-Wage Gap

22nd May 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Turning big ideas into action in 2018

17th May 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Sharing insight to develop better court models

14th May 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Working towards making sexual offences courts a reality

10th Apr 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Raising awareness of the importance of sexual offences courts

4th Apr 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Does Rape Matter?

27th Mar 2018/by rapecrisisblog

A Letter to the President 2.0

19th Mar 2018/by rapecrisisblog

A Letter to the President

9th Mar 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Let’s start a chain reaction on International Women’s Day

7th Mar 2018/by rapecrisisblog

Tax payers that donate qualify for a tax deduction

7th Feb 2018/by rapecrisisblog

16 Days of Noise

12th Dec 2017/by zeenat

Women: listen to your inner voice and act

6th Dec 2017/by zeenat


24th Nov 2017/by zeenat

Take Action If You Said #MeToo

21st Nov 2017/by zeenat

Be a Proud Slacktivist this 16 Days

7th Nov 2017/by zeenat

Section 55 What??

31st Oct 2017/by zeenat

Support Thuthuzela Care Centres #EnditNow

26th Oct 2017/by zeenat

On #MeToo

24th Oct 2017/by zeenat

The numbers of change: If you don’t like numbers, then this blog is for you

16th Oct 2017/by zeenat

Can you help someone recover from the trauma of rape? Yes you can.

3rd Oct 2017/by zeenat

National Wills Week in September

7th Sep 2017/by zeenat

Women’s Month: A Sham

24th Aug 2017/by zeenat

The Journey of a Counsellor

15th Aug 2017/by zeenat

From University to Cape Town: 10 Weeks Later

4th Aug 2017/by zeenat

Mandela Day: 67 Minutes of Impact

18th Jul 2017/by zeenat

Give Your 67 Minutes to Rape Survivors this Mandela Day

10th Jul 2017/by zeenat

Help Us Build a Culture of Consent

3rd Jul 2017/by zeenat

One Rape is Too Many

19th Jun 2017/by zeenat

Making Change as a Rape Crisis Peer Ed

17th Jun 2017/by zeenat
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