What you need to know about rape

Learn about rape and how you can report it

What is rape?

Learn the facts that dispel common and harmful myths about rape

What to do if someone has raped you?

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How to report rape?

Steps to follow when reporting rape, and the rights you can exercise while doing so


As a feminist organisation, Rape Crisis is committed to working towards the achievement of women’s rights


Supporting rape survivors on their Road to Recovery

Education and Training

Community workshops that dispel the myths and stereotypes about rape, and building a culture of consent in Cape Town High Schools

Advocacy and Community Mobilisation

Educating the public about and fighting for specialised support services for survivors of rape and sexual violence

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What we stand for

Our mission is to promote safety in communities, to reduce the trauma experienced by rape survivors, to encourage the reporting of rape and to work actively to address flaws in legislation


Embracing diversity and acknowledging difference in order to work together as a team


Changing and supporting others to change


Working towards organisational goals with focus and clear direction


Helping reclaim stability, peace, safety and direction in life by supporting others

The members of Rape Crisis are dedicated and passionate individuals all striving together to inspire change. Rape Crisis challenges myths and stereotypes (rape culture) through building a consent culture. It is a culture in which asking for consent is normalised and condoned in popular culture. It is respecting the person’s response even if it isn’t the response you had hoped for. When we create cultures of consent, respect, and positive sexuality, we can change how we understand sexuality and prevent sexual violence.

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We provide free and confidential counselling for rape survivors

Monday – Thursday 09h00 – 16h30, and Friday 09h00 – 15h30

Counselling is offered in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans at our offices in Observatory, Khayelitsha and Athlone

Contact one of our 3 helplines:

English 021 447 9762

isiXhosa: 021 361 9085

Afrikaans: 021 633 9229

WhatsApp counselling: 083 222 5164 

Observatory Office:
23 Trill Road
Tel: 021 447 1467

Athlone Office:
335a Klipfontein Road
Tel: 021 684 1180

Khayelitsha Office:
89 Msobomvu Drive
Tel: 021 361 9228

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