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Help Us Build a Culture of Consent

3rd Jul 2017/by zeenat

One Rape is Too Many

19th Jun 2017/by zeenat

Making Change as a Rape Crisis Peer Ed

17th Jun 2017/by zeenat


9th Jun 2017/by zeenat

After the Worst has Happened

8th Jun 2017/by zeenat

Help fight violence against women by giving your Mandela Day minutes to rape survivors

1st Jun 2017/by zeenat

Small Victories, Big Change

12th May 2017/by zeenat

Activist Training – Applications Now Open at Rape Crisis

18th Apr 2017/by zeenat

Zapiro demonstrates what rape culture is

12th Apr 2017/by zeenat

Reclaiming the Body: A Six-Week Course for Survivors

9th Apr 2017/by zeenat

Taking the time to breathe

7th Apr 2017/by zeenat

Official Launch of the Boschfontein Sexual Offences Court

29th Mar 2017/by zeenat

Rape does not start in the bedroom

14th Mar 2017/by zeenat

Empowering women to advocate for change in South Africa

8th Mar 2017/by zeenat

Tax payers that donate qualify for a tax deduction

27th Feb 2017/by zeenat

SONA Schmona and Other Things in February

24th Feb 2017/by zeenat

Meet our new Thuthuzela Coordinator

14th Feb 2017/by zeenat

We got through 2016 thanks to you!

21st Dec 2016/by zeenat

#HerNameWasVovo and she was a human being

15th Dec 2016/by zeenat

On the importance of specialised Sexual Offences Courts

14th Dec 2016/by zeenat

This is the story of a survivor who brought 10 rapists to justice

7th Dec 2016/by zeenat

The 9 Lives of South Africa’s Criminal Justice System

1st Dec 2016/by zeenat

An Afternoon With the WAR Campaign Continued

24th Nov 2016/by zeenat

Athlone Training and Development Volunteer Applications Now Open

21st Nov 2016/by zeenat

Counselling Changes Everything

9th Nov 2016/by zeenat

An Afternoon With The WAR Campaign

8th Nov 2016/by zeenat

On feminism and surviving rape

7th Oct 2016/by zeenat

‘Sleeping with the Enemy?’: the debate continues

29th Sep 2016/by zeenat

A Letter to Carol and Anne

28th Sep 2016/by zeenat

Trying to Build Bridges of Understanding

27th Sep 2016/by zeenat

September Newsletter: Latest News from Rape Crisis

27th Sep 2016/by zeenat

When the political becomes personal

23rd Sep 2016/by zeenat

On being a woman

15th Sep 2016/by zeenat


12th Sep 2016/by zeenat

Fifty Shades of Feminism: A Response

9th Sep 2016/by zeenat

Fifty Shades of Feminism

7th Sep 2016/by zeenat

Why we want better justice

4th Aug 2016/by zeenat

Showing rape survivors how much we all care on Mandela Day

22nd Jul 2016/by zeenat

What is a TCC?

30th Jun 2016/by zeenat

Save The Date: Care Packs For Mandela Day!

22nd Jun 2016/by zeenat

Today we salute our youth

16th Jun 2016/by zeenat


10th Jun 2016/by zeenat

Join the Rape Crisis Team – Become a Volunteer Counsellor

8th Jun 2016/by zeenat

Rape Trials: The Role of Court Supporters

9th May 2016/by zeenat

Rape Crisis Newsletter May 2016

3rd May 2016/by zeenat

Intoxication, rape and the law

22nd Apr 2016/by zeenat

Introducing our advocacy campaign to our communities

19th Apr 2016/by zeenat

An arrest is only the first step towards a successful rape conviction

15th Apr 2016/by zeenat

The Perfect Victim

5th Apr 2016/by zeenat

She hurts, I hurt: A few words about Vicarious Traumatisation

1st Apr 2016/by zeenat


22nd Mar 2016/by zeenat

Demographic and Rape Incident Characteristics of Treatment-Seeking Rape Survivors

5th Mar 2016/by zeenat

Equality Begins at Home: Disrupting Violence Within the South African Context

28th Feb 2016/by zeenat

Khayelitsha Speaks: The Results of our Community Survey

17th Feb 2016/by zeenat

Valentine’s Day – A day that alienates people who are not in romantic relationships

15th Feb 2016/by zeenat

My Story

18th Jan 2016/by zeenat
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