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Our helpline operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, offering counselling and advice about the next step. Call and make an appointment. Contact 021 447 9762

Need help? Contact our 24-hour Helpline: 021 447 9762

What to do if someone raped you

Go to a safe place

Tell the first person you see and trust about what has happened

Go straight to a hospital or to a doctor to get the medical attention

You need to receive medical attention within 72 hours

You have a right to report to the police at any time

Ask for emergency contraception to stop you from getting pregnant

How to report rape at a Police Station

  1. Go to the police station nearest to where the rape took place. No survivor may be turned away simply because the rape took place a long time ago or was committed in the station area of another police station
  2. You can ask to be seen in a private room at the police station and to give your statement to a female police officer
  3. A brief statement should be taken first and translated into your own language. If you are not in a state to have a full statement taken, the investigating officer will make an appointment with you for the following day or within 36 hours
  4. You have a right to be treated with respect for your dignity and to complain if this does not happen
  5. The police will take you to a medical facility for medical or forensic treatment

For more information download our informational What Is Rape booklet:


Supporting a rape survivor

If someone you know has been raped and is going through a challenging time, they will be feeling a wide range of emotions. You too may be feeling a range of confusing emotions and may be wondering how you can help.

One of the common challenges in offering support is the ability to treat a survivor in the most sensitive way. Thanks to the counsellors and communications team at Rape Crisis, a toolkit has been created to help you support a rape survivor, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a colleague.

Download the full toolkit:

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