Every Act Impacts

100% of your contributions will go to Rape Crisis

What is counselling

Our counsellors:

Create a space where survivors feel safe to speak

Listen to the story the survivor tells

Respect the need for confidentiality

Help each survivor find their own coping strategies

Access to counselling means...

Survivors gain the confidence to move on with their lives

Feel calmer and more in control of their feelings

Are able to make clear decisions about what to do next

Are less afraid to go out into the world and try new things

Find it easier to connect with other people

How you can ACT

R100 will contribute towards one counselling session.

With your support rape survivors will have access to direct services from Rape Crisis including face-to-face counselling, online counselling, support groups and a 24 hour helpline operating 365 days a year. 


Be part of the change