24-hour Helpline: 021 447 9762

Our counselling services are designed to make you feel safe, supported, respected and to enable you to make informed decisions on your journey to recovery.

 All our counselling services are offered free of charge. 


What type of counselling does Rape Crisis provide?


How can counselling help me?

Our approach at Rape Crisis is based on what we call the ‘Principles of Empowerment’. We believe that in order to recover a rape survivor needs to feel safe and respected, needs ongoing support and information to make informed decisions. Our counsellors bear witness to all the survivors’ experiences and are the survivors’ allies in everything they need to confront along the path to recovery.

All survivors are given a copy of our booklet ‘You and Rape’, which is written from the experiences of the many counsellors and survivors we have worked with and includes information that will aid the healing process.


Who are our counsellors?

Rape Crisis counsellors are volunteer lay counsellors recruited from within our surrounding communities. They are trained by us in a rigorous and inspiring three month training programme, and are supervised closely for a further six months before graduating as counsellors. All our counsellors are supported by the knowledge and experience of our counselling coordinators.

All the information gathered from our counselling services forms a firm evidence base for our advocacy, training and awareness raising work. We learn from every survivor we see.


How to make an appointment:

Rape Crisis office hours are from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, from Monday to Thursday, and until 3.30 pm on Fridays. We offer counselling to men and women over the age of 14 years. You can book an appointment by calling the office nearest to you.

Observatory Counselling line: +27 (0)21 447 9762

Athlone Counselling line: +27 (0)21 633 9229

Khayelitsha Counselling line: +27 (0)21 361 9085