Sign up to JustCoz to partner with Rape Crisis in reaching more people to spread the word about rape and women’s rights in South Africa.

What does signing up entail?

By signing up with JustCoz you will allow Rape Crisis to send a message using twitter to all of your fans once a day. This means that by signing up, you extend the reach of information about violence against women to all of your fans without doing any of the work. It’s that simple!

What types of messages will Rape Crisis send out?

Rape Crisis promises to only send out messages about:

  • Interesting articles relating to rape or sexual violence
  • Our activities and events
  • Other great NGOs who are holding events
  • Links to useful information on our website

So if you have a twitter account, click this link http://JustCoz.org/RapeCrisis and join our information revolution.

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