Peer Educators in Schools

Our Birds and Bees Peer Education programme creates young leaders who promote safely in their schools by ensuring that teachers, parents and learners are aware of the myths and social norms that promote rape and sexual violence, by supporting and referring victims of sexual violence to relevant services, and by running awareness raising activities with their peers. We aim to increase the reporting of rape, encourage survivors to seek out support and decrease sexual violence in schools.

We work alongside local social workers to identify schools that are at high risk for sexual violence, and work collaboratively with educators and the principal. Our peer educators undergo a rigorous training course where they learn about the social norms and myths that perpetuate sexual violence, how to report rape, and how to organise activities to challenge the attitudes of their peers.These activities include subject related poster campaigns, essay competitions, plays and assembly addresses on commemorative days such as Women’s Day. On occasion the peer educators have taken part in television talk shows, documentaries and created their own videos on the subject of rape.

At the end of the year our peer educators are invited to a three day camp where they deepen their knowledge about rape, take part in leadership and teamwork activities and put together safety plans for their schools.

The trained peer educators act as a resource to other learners in their schools by providing information about rape and referring those who have experienced sexual violence to us for counselling support. By educating their peers about the damaging effects of rape myths and challenging these myths through school activities, the peer educators help to create positive social norms amongst youth and a safer school environment for learners.

Our Peer Educators jumping for joy on a mountain top at their end  of year camp.

Our Peer Educators jumping for joy on a mountain top at their end of year camp.

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