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Safe Space Training and Consultation

What we offer

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust’s corporate Safe Space Training and Consultation initiative offers a range of services aimed at assisting companies to deal with particular incidences and the general occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace. We offer information resources, education and training,  and consultation to companies wishing to address these issues in the following ways:

We also offer training workshops on related topics, with a view to skills development and personal growth of employees. Rape Crisis believes that through information sharing and skills transfer, employees are capacitated to enact the Corporate Safe Space Values needed to create safe working environments. These values underlie all our training interventions; which are customised to cater to the unique training milieu that your organisation represents.

We cater for half and full day seminars and focus groups, 1-2 day workshops or 2-3 day courses. Training topics include:

Why do we offer these services?

Sexual harassment and other forms of sexual intimidation interferes with the individuals performance at work by creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment in which to work . Several approaches to sexual harassment see it as a continuum of sexually intimidating behaviour, with the most serious expression of this being rape. While society at large might generally regard sexual harassment as being `not so serious’ its effects are undoubtedly damaging, and in extreme cases such as rape, can lead to serious physical and psychological harm.

The effects of sexual harassment are wide ranging from physical symptoms such as nausea and headaches to psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety. These symptoms negatively affect the productivity and job-satisfaction of employees. It increases the likelihood of criticism from co-workers or managers and limits the person’s chances of promotion and/or employee benefits. This creates a downward spiral where the employee and the company are eventually disadvantaged. Since there is no legal definition of Sexual Harassment, victims are often trapped in a situation where they feel unable to report or complain about the perpetrator’s behaviour.

The main objectives of our corporate Safe Space Training and Consultation services are to:

The concept of safety in the workplace is commonly understood from the viewpoint of preventing an occupational hazard. In the same way, we have explained sexual harassment and sexual misconduct as serious occupational hazards that are better prevented than cured. Our corporate Safe Space Training and Consultation Services take this preventative approach and focus on building company and individual capacity to circumvent these hazards through education, awareness raising and skills transfer. Through the company adopting Corporate Safe Space Values, employees will feel a holistic sense of safety from one of the main forms of gender based discrimination and violence in the workplace.

Why choose us?

Established in 1976, The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust is the oldest women’s organisation in South Africa dealing with adult rape.  Registered as a Trust in 1997 and as a Non Profit Organisation with tax exempt status in 2005 it has walked a long path from a volunteer run feminist women’s collective to a professionally run civil society organisation with a national reputation for replicating unique and innovative best practise.  We have provided support, training and expert advice to companies both large and small who are dealing with complex sexual harassment cases. Our relationship with government, particularly at the provincial level, is collaborative (we share spaces at courts and health facilities with government service providers) but also challenging in that we provide well researched information that influences decision makers.

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