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Established in 1976, the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust is the oldest organisation in South Africa supporting the recovery of survivors, seeking justice and making change in communities.

We have a vision of a South Africa in which women are safe in their communities, and where the criminal justice system supports and empowers rape survivors.

Our goal is to reduce the trauma experienced by rape survivors including the secondary trauma they experience when reporting rape to officials.

We aim to reduce the trauma experienced by survivors and encourage them to report rape. We support communities in challenging high rape rates and flaws in the criminal justice system.

These goals are achieved through coordinated action between our three main programmes below:

Our mission is to promote safety in communities, to reduce the trauma experienced by rape survivors, to empower women, to promote gender equality, to strengthen the criminal justice system and to work actively to address flaws in legislation.

How it all began

The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust history

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The Road to Justice

We strive for better support services for victims of rape, both prior to entering, and within, the Criminal Justice System. By minimising secondary victimisation and improving conviction rates, we encourage more women and men to report rape.

The Road to Recovery

We encourage rape survivors to speak out about their experience, so that psychological healing may begin. Both telephone and face-to-face counseling are offered free of charge to survivors and their families, as well as support groups

Making Change

We encourage communities to devise innovating prevention strategies, and to build safe spaces within areas (including the workplace). We also strive to change attitudes about rape, and create a culture of respect for women and girls in South Africa.


  • Primrose Mrwebi, Chairperson
  • Pam Sykes, Deputy Chairperson
  • Zimasa Dziba, Treasurer
  • Kelley Moult, Secretary
  • Unathi Njokweni-Magida, Trustee
  • Lungelwa Sigasana, Trustee
  • Lulama Sibiya, Trustee
  • Charlene Whittern, Finance Manager
  • Kathleen Dey, Director


NPO number: 044-786

PBO Number: 030014424

Trust Registration Number: IT386/99

Our Grant Makers

Department: Social DevelopmentWestern Cape Department of Social DevelopmentAIDS Foundation South AfricaSigrid Rausing TrustnacosalogowomensfundlogoApexHi Charitable Trust

Meet the team

Kathleen Dey


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Charlene Whittern

Finance Manager

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Nazma Hendricks

Operations Manager

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Sarah Strydom

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

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Estelle Carolissen

Court Support Administrator

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Zodwa Thomas

Receptionist, Khayelitsha

021 361 9228

Barbara Williams

Counselling Coordinator, Athlone

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Rifqah Abrahams

Training & Development Coordinator

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Shahida Rahman

Organisational Assistant

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Joyce Doni

Counselling Coordinator

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Karen Cogill

Receptionist, Observatory

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Kholeka Booi

Training & Development Coordinator

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