Rape Crisis Programmes

We have four main service areas in response to the need to prevent rape, offer healing to survivors and work towards legal reforms that will ensure perpetrators are brought to justice

Developing Communities

Rape Crisis is committed to building safer communities through recruiting, training and empowering volunteers from all the communities affected by rape and training them in the skills of counselling, training and grassroots lobbying and advocacy. These activities include:

  • training in lay counselling to community members and supporting and supervising them as rape counsellors
  • empowering communities through offering them training as facilitators and supporting them as trainers
  • recruiting members of local communities and empowering them to lobby for the rights of survivors, individuals and community groups
  • offering development to committed volunteers who are active within their own community structures

Our volunteers are passionate and committed members of the organisation who are reimbursed for any costs they incur in the course of their activities and who build the skills they need to go further in the world while they are at Rape Crisis. They are the life blood of the organisation and the link to the heart of the communities we serve.

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Training and Development

Rape Crisis trained facilitators have addressed the challenges of developing creative and innovative prevention methodologies for rape and of empowering women, organisations and services in communities. These strategies include:

  • research on rape, rape survivors and services to rape survivors through an extensive rape case database and comprehensive service directory
  • the successful implementation of creative awareness interventions in schools, faith based institutions and communities that are designed to prevent rape
  • successful partnerships with other NGOs, government departments and State service providers both locally and nationally
  • publishing and distributing educational resources, booklets and pamphlets as widely as possible
  • the implementation of a number of ground breaking campaigns both in urban and in rural areas designed to assess community needs and to raise awareness about rape and constructive responses to rape and rape prevention
  • training and development for Criminal Justice System officials and volunteers at all points where rape survivors connect with it in any way

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RCCTT provides counselling and support to thousands of rape survivors, their families and friends and communicates with organisations, communities and the government to ensure that other services support rape survivors outside of Rape Crisis. RCCTT strives to achieve its aims and objectives through an integrated community development approach, which provides the foundation for the following services:

  • provision of face-to-face counselling and support services to a number of survivors and their partners, family and friends
  • support groups for rape survivors
  • special support for survivors who want to speak out about rape and share their experiences with the public
  • pre-trial consultation offering advice to rape survivors taking cases to trial
  • support for survivors going to court
  • trauma management and care to survivors coming to health facilities for forensic examination and treatment after rape
  • 24-hour telephone support and advice to survivors, partners, family and friends of survivors as well as related professionals and external services

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Member activists have addressed the challenges of improving access to care, treatment and justice for rape survivors and have recently gained significant support from government to implement reform policies and legislative change. These initiatives include:

  • the successful lobbying for a changes to sexual offences legislation through lobbying groups and effective partnerships
  • the establishment of specialised sexual offences court
  • the establishment and support of victim support centres at police stations
  • creating dedicated medical facilities towards an effective and efficient service for rape survivors
  • assisting smaller organisations with the development of submissions to various pieces of legislation under committee discussions
  • constructive relationships with key role players within the criminal justice system

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