Our Clients

Rape Crisis clients are made up of various groups that access our different services including rape survivors, their families and friends, communities, members of the Criminal Justice System, youth at risk, volunteers and court supporters and other civil society organisations. Our partnerships and networking activities with our sister organisations are a very important part of our work and links to their websites can be accessed from this website.

RCCTT is a learning organisation and values and recognises that all our interactions with clients and stakeholders are an opportunity to change and grow. We do regular client surveys to find out what their needs are and adapt our service accordingly, we close each case with an evaluation sent out in a self addressed stamped envelope and all counsellors and court supporters are trained to work in a way that allows the client (rape survivor)to determine the pace and direction of the intervention. Our volunteers and court supporters are drawn from the communities we serve and many of our staff and volunteers are themselves survivors. When we work with external stake holders we continuously ask for feedback in accordance with our principles of action learning.

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