#SpeakOut this 16 Days of Activism to End Violence against Women

The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust believes that everyone can take action to promote safety in their communities by challenging the high rates of rape in South Africa. The 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women is an international campaign that highlights the impact of violence on our communities and calls on women and men to speak out.

You can donate to the #SpeakOut campaign in support of a film about how we can all challenge rape in our communities and promote safety for all women in South Africa. Speaking out as a survivor is a powerful way of supporting other survivors and challenging rapists.

Our film will spread the message that everyone can be a change maker and that if we all work together we can challenge the attitudes that promote rape culture and create a new culture where women can live free from violence.


During the 16 Days of Activism, 25 November to 10 December, you can also take part in discussing the issue of gender violence with @RapeCrisis on Twitter using the hashtag #SpeakOut. Follow us on Twitter to be a part of the conversation.


Our volunteers will also be going door-to-door in the Athlone community asking community members what they think about rape in the community and how rape affects their daily lives. Rape Crisis will present the results of the community survey and have a discussion with community members about the problem of rape. In this way we hope to support the Athlone community in challenging rape and finding ways of promoting greater safety for women.


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